based in omaha, nebraska, kari marie. is a blog by kari Anderson. her posts are a blend of poetry, short stories and musings -- thoughts often found on her facebook page. currently working on her first novel, Hang ups, this space was created when facebook wasn't enough.


How do you describe a kiss? 

...Two short breaths before your bottom lip reaches her top lip. 

...A question mark at the beginning of a sentence. 

...The transcendence of chapped lips,

gum tucked away inside of a cheek and bumped noses. 

...A kiss can be nothing at all and everything and more. 

There are multiple times that my two main characters kiss in my book Hang Ups. There are also the imagined fantasy kisses that Amara has with her callers -- those are always perfect even when they are the most awkward. 

There are so many cliches I could resort to, I suppose. "The world falls away." "My knees got weak." "I shivered."  and while all those may be true, a great kiss rolls its eyes at those descriptions. it's not enough. Words can not describe it. 



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