based in omaha, nebraska, kari marie. is a blog by kari Anderson. her posts are a blend of poetry, short stories and musings -- thoughts often found on her facebook page. currently working on her first novel, Hang ups, this space was created when facebook wasn't enough.

Lavender Scare

Two dead closets. Whispered

skin swaddled curves of yellowed

plastic. That’s where I found you

smelling of lavender between

wig boxes and Saint Zita book


ends.  With awkward cha cha cha

to draw blinds, hip sways

to dim lights, ball of foot connect

to floor before a kiss

under the crucifix. Darling


fuck you, wardrobes weren’t built

for two. Follow the yarn and

stumble out. I will make snow

angels in the soft drift of you,

Shame. Melt loudly and leave wet,

grateful when you gaily skip by.